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The steps of a website –


Or how to build your house online

The most common thing we do in our work is to explain all the steps involved in creating a website to our clients and collaborators. Normal, right? If they knew that, they wouldn’t need us!

Over the years, I have discovered a very simple method of explanation that appeals to everyone, by comparing the stages of building a house to those of a website.

A few notes before you start: there are a thousand and one ways to create your website, I am well aware of this. While all of the parts described here are found in one way or another in most online sites, the method described here is primarily intended for:

  • Entrepreneurs (or Mr. and Mrs. everyone) who are taking their first steps in the web world and want to start building their own site;
  • Entrepreneurs who want to understand the stages of building a website in order to be able to interact with their service provider (site creator, graphic designer, programmer, etc.)
  • Programmers and graphic designers who want their client to understand all the stages of a site creation (and above all, what is their role in putting a website online)

I will summarize here the infographic, while inviting you to click on the links to know more about one or the other of the steps. Happy reading!

1. The URL – the address

URL, domain name, website address… all are synonymous to indicate where your website is online. A domain name is reserved for a period of time with a registrar, such as GoDaddy, Bluehost, NameCheap or other, and is renewable at the end of your agreement. For example, you can reserve your domain name and renew it annually.

The domain name is what will manage your DNS. DNS controls your emails as well as the hosting of your site. It is the sinews of war, the gateway to your online identity.

Entrepreneur’s advice
Keep this information safe at all times, since it is also the most difficult information to retrieve.

2. The land – accommodation

This is the ground on which you will build your site. An hosting is also renewable at the end of your rental. That is to say, it is possible to rent your land for 1 month, 3 months, a year or more.

Typically, domain name registrars also offer hosting packages. However, not all hosts are domain name registrars. It is not mandatory to take your hosting package from your domain name registrar; you will only have to point your DNS to your host once your site is online. Did I just lose you? Do not be afraid! Several excellent blogs and vlogs are available online to explain everything to you!

Entrepreneur’s advice
In order to improve your site’s response time without having to install additional extensions, do your research and choose a local host. This will ensure better SEO. Contact us if you would like to get information about our host.

3. The foundation – the CMS

CMS is your content management system. Once your website is built and online, this is where you will make the changes (adding information, writing the blog, adding images, etc.). Like the foundation of a house, it is the foundation of your site. We also refer to the CMS when we use the term “Back-end”. Although companies specializing in website programming often work with a CMS of their own, most of the sites you browse today are usually built on popular CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, or even Drupal.

Arcane Evolution specializes in WordPress but also manages sites hosted and produced on Wix, Shopify and other online platforms.

Entrepreneur’s advice
A site made on Wix, Shopify or other e-commerce platform combine hosting and CMS, sometimes also management of emails and URLs. These are “One-stop shop” platforms. Although they offer the ease of creation for people who are new to the web, they are ultimately platforms that are not very flexible in terms of functionality with a SEO that is difficult to control and extensions that will be expensive in the end. In addition, they are very difficult CMS to leave.

Do you have a simple site to do? Go ahead, that’s what they are here for. On the other hand, as soon as you need to invest a little more, ask yourself whether it’s time to move on to something more powerful that will evolve over time.

4. The basic structure – the theme

What kind of house do you want? A log cabin? A modern house? The theme is your basic structure, the type of website you desire to have. There are several themes available for all tastes, all types of businesses or projects and for all budgets. Some themes are even free!

The themes are available according to the CMS you have chosen. If you are building your website on a WordPress basis, for example, you can go to sites like Theme Forest to browse through all the possibilities and make a choice. Once the theme has been chosen, paid for and downloaded, you just have to install it.

Today’s themes mostly combine built-in “builders”. For example, the site you are browsing at the moment uses the “Hello” theme, specifically designed for Elementor. The best “builders” at the moment on the market are most certainly “x theme”, “Elementor” and “Divi”.

Entrepreneur’s advice
In order to get a site that will represent you as accurately as possible, find ideas online for sites that “turn on” you, even if they are not in the same industry. This will save time and ultimately time is money!

5. The plans – the design

Do you want the walls of your house blue? Red with yellow dots? We will certainly advise you to go see a designer. The same goes for your website. Although there are more and more programmers who will offer you combined design and programming services, the fact remains that, as a rule, the designer is the right person to plan your site for you; colors, font, structure, design of the different pages, etc.

Entrepreneur’s advice
For smaller budgets, it is possible to create a site on a “template”, which will save the graphic design stage. It is still important to choose your colors and fonts.

6. Construction – programming

The crucial moment: the construction of the house. After all that upfront work, now is the time to build the website. This is when everything will take shape. It is also at this time that it will be important to apply all the SEO rules in force so that your site performs well and is recognized by search engines!

At Arcane Evolution, we make sure to put in place the basic rules of SEO to make your life easier!

7. Home delivered – the online website

Ta da!

Questions? Write U.S!

Nathalie 🙂