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Marketing partner for small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs to help them grow their business.



We are the marketing department of the small business. Your one-stop shop for your marketing needs.


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our team

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Founder / Director

Nathalie Paré

Nathalie has several great qualities: professional, attentive, patient, great sense of humor and determined to accomplish new challenges. She uses all her qualities when coordinating and managing her projects.

Nathalie is hardworking! But what stands out in everything she does are her family values. It was in 2014 that she founded Arcane Evolution since being self-employed will allow her to achieve her professional ambitions while being available to take care of her family on her own terms. It also allows her to travel more easily, and therefore, to work from her second home in Florida!

For Nathalie, family is a priority, which is why in 2021, when the workload continued to increase, she decided to offer me, her sister, to join the team officially for her more serious needs in terms of accounting.

Nathalie has a knack for communication (in several languages by the way), a gift for teaching and training, a path in synergology as well as skills in programming and marketing. It is therefore a person in whom you can have complete confidence to initiate a discussion in connection with your projects.

– Caroline

Graphic designer / Artistic director

elyse paré

Elyse, is my right arm. She’s also my left arm and my two legs. She was barely out of school when I asked her if she was interested in doing a few freelance website design mandates. In less than 6 months, she had quit her full-time job to help me at Arcane and get her own business off the ground.

Elyse is a right brain artist with an incredible eye for design, who works hand in hand with a very organized left brain. In short, a rare mix to find and of incredible value to me and the company.

Elyse is also my cousin. We share a very special bond which allows her to be completely herself and which gives her the unique position of being able to bring me back to order without having to fear the consequences of an employer. As she evolves, she also makes me grow.

Elyse is a student turned entrepreneur and artistic director accomplished in less time than it takes to say it. She is the person you want by your side to allow you to bring your own projects to fruition.

– Nathalie


Administration / Bookkeeping

Caroline Paré

Caroline is an incredible woman who takes on several roles and is 100% invested in each of them. She is a proud mother of two boys, loving wife, unconditional sister, caring friend and I am fortunate that she is also my cousin.

Several years ago, Caroline made the choice to leave the city to settle in the Hautes-Laurentides. She had not yet found her dream job so her sister’s proposal to join the Arcane team was perfect! This would allow her to fulfill herself professionally while remaining close to her husband and her children.

Caroline, it’s our head. She maintains the books of account and keeps Arcane up to date. It is undoubtedly essential at Arcane Evolution because it allows us to focus on what we do best, the relationship with our customers. Without her, we wouldn’t be able to respond to so many requests so efficiently!

Now part of the team, administrator and our account manager, she continues to impress us with her attention to detail and precision when consulting the numbers. You would have to clone her to have her by your side because we won’t let her go anytime soon!

– Elyse

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