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Personalized coaching

To find out more about a specific topic


Website management

Learn how to maintain your site, best practices, increase your SEO or make changes. At the end of this coaching, you'll be able to develop your site in your own way.



Learn the basics of SEO, customized to your needs. A complete analysis of the site is carried out and the changes are applied with you to guide you through the next steps.


Marketing 360˙

Learn how to use the resources you need to save time and money when planning your marketing content. Find out how to use ChatGPT in conjunction with Canva and your social networks, or how to integrate automation into your daily routine.

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We offer banks of hours to answer specific questions in a timely manner. These are valid for 12 months and are charged every 15 minutes, so you can make the most of every moment. What’s more, all training courses are recorded and sent to you.


How e-mail works and how to manage it

Google Workspace

How to make the most of Google's tools

Hosting transfer

We will accompany you to your hosting site

Are you ready to go further?

Our training is for you

Digital foundations for entrepreneurs
Master the vocabulary and understand your development options.


An introduction to website development
Demystify jargon and strengthen your online presence.

Learning the Web is like discovering a new language; you have to know the alphabet. Learn the meaning of the most frequently used terms in this 3-hour training course. Find out what are the elements that go into building a website, from URL and CMS to SEO and DNS. Learn the basics of email management, the difference between WordPress, Wix, Shopify and others, and discover an overview of digital marketing.

WARNING – You will not learn how to make a website. But you will know which professionnals you will need throughout the process and thus avoid the frustrations and traps that will cost you even more money!

Want to learn how to program?

Programming training is offered on WordPress and Wix. These are 10 3-hour Zoom sessions, valued at $4,500. Is included in this training:

Training is based on your needs and the site you want to build. At the end of the course, you'll have a functional and powerful site, the best business card to launch you into the stimulating world of programming!