Web Marketing Basics Training: Master Technical Terms and Avoid Web Pitfalls


Master the technical terms of the Web and follow the conversations of professionals thanks to our training course on the basics of digital marketing. Avoid pitfalls and make informed decisions. Join us today!

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Are you baffled by technical jargon? Are you investing heavily in marketing without knowing if it’s yielding tangible results? Do you wish to navigate the world of digital marketing with confidence, understand professionals’ discussions, and avoid common mistakes?

We invite you to enroll in our most sought-after course: “The Fundamentals of Web Marketing”. Upon completion of this course, you will:

✅ Be able to understand and use the technical vocabulary of the Web and digital marketing;

✅ Be capable of identifying the right professional to meet your specific needs;

✅ Be equipped to avoid frequent mistakes and problematic situations on the Web and social networks, as an entrepreneur or SME;

✅ Have a deep understanding of key digital marketing concepts, enabling you to make informed decisions in the future;

✅ No longer be intimidated by terms such as CMS, SEO, API, WordPress, email management;

✅ Be able to find the necessary information to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

Do you have questions? We have the answers!

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